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Have you guys heards about that man that sent over $100.000 to his wife in Nigeria? He hasn`t met her yet and is sending her money until she "inherits $25 million from her parents that died in a car crash". Seriously now.. how gullible can one be? How can you be so f***** stupid to send your life savings to a person across the globe that you haven`t even met? And he said he always wanted to be a millionaire, so he can`t wait for her inheritance. What a f***** retard. He deserves every bit of disappointment that`s sure to come his way. Some people deserve what they get, no matter how compassionate you try to be about their situation.

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  • well,that's the thing with being stupid,stupid people do stupid things,what did you expect? and why are you so mad about? it's not like it's your money or something.

  • yes I have seems like he may have some of his own issues he needs to deal with how goes and gives such large amounts of money to a stranger

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