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Ive been doing little jobs and earning a little money since I was like 12 (18 now). I started buying my own clothes really young, and gradually paid for my own shoes, hair, make-up, school bags and a bunch of other stuff. Nowadays I hate asking money from anyone, including my parents, even if I sometimes have to. Im proud that I learned to provide for myself, but one the other hand, I could have spent that money on something else if my parents would have bought me the basic stuff (were not poor).

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  • Keep going! I am so happy to know there more people like you. Cause my faith in humanity is kinda lost when I see how people cry about not having latest iphone

  • Dont regret about it, you and your parents did it right, if everyone in this planet were like you the world would be a different place and not the swamp full of immature and weak creatures who want everything easy and for free.

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