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I'm almost 20 (male). I don't have contacts with my family and I have no friends to speak of. I live alone, go to university. I spent most of November and December next to my only ever girlfriend (we've been together for just over five years) in the hospital, next to her bed. I lost her to cancer in early hours of 1st of January this year. I'm failing almost all of my classes, I'm severely depressed, have social anxiety, suicidal tendencies and I don't see any reason to live anymore. I don't sleep, I hardly eat and I spend most of nights on a bridge over train tracks thinking if I should jump or not. I have a history of depression over the past few years, starting in high school. I attempted to commit suicide once before, but I was barely saved by paramedics. I was almost put in a psych ward then. I never told this to anyone other than my girlfriend and I thought maybe it would help to share. It doesn't.

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  • Hey... Don't kill yourself. I know things are hard after losing your girlfriend, but there's so many more girls just for you. Also, if you are having issues with friends then join a sports club or some kind of charity. You will feel good for working out or giving back and you will meet new people! I know things seem hard but there is always a solution. As for failing your classes, study harder. This is the time your whole life and success depends on, don't waste it. You're lucky enough to go to college, spend the time studying hard and acing your assignments. Keep your head up. Keep fighting. Have hope! Things will get better. I wish you all the luck in the world. Xo

  • I'm so sorry for your loss I lost my mom to cancer on Jan 1 to I know the pain u must be feeling it's going to take time but u have to move on it does not mean u forget u just learn to cope u deserve to be happy Goodluck

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