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i'm a straight 33 year old male, never been in any kind of relationship, never even had a first kiss. I dont think ive ever had any one attracted to me, that im aware of. I make an effort to be super nice to everyone i meet...obviously there is something worng with me but i dont know what or where i can turn to for help? the doctor maybe? i cant help but feel i would be wasitng his/her time..so who do i go too? i cant affor dprivate therapy, i really need a solution to this problem not wasting anyones or my time

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  • At 33 it means you ARE doing something wrong. I don't think a doctor would help. Talk to friends, especially a female one if you have them, and ask honestly about what it is you are doing wrong, then try to fix it. It sounds easy but definitely is not. It is the cheapest way, though.

  • lift weights and smoke weed everyday.

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