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In the last new year's eve party I met a guy who just swept me off my feet, charming, handsome, smart, the full package. I fell in love with him and he fell in love with me. He says I'm everything he wants in a woman and that he always wanted someone like me in his life. But here are the problems: he lives in a different country (even though we share the same nationality) and he had just came out of a relationship of 3 years with a girl he described as great, he was just not in love with her anymore. She lives in the same country as him, and she's been fucking other guys, and talking dirty with more than 15 guys on dating apps and this guy found out about it and now he's not sure what he wants: me or her. He's younger than me, so I know he hasn't experienced break-ups before (like I have), so I think what he's feeling isn't exactly love for her, but disappointment or a sense of possession. I chose to stand by him (and the chick is doing the same because she knows he's not completely over her), but this wait is killing me. I love him, I feel like he's the one, and I know I'm the one for him. But I'm scared of the pain, of suffering even more because of waiting forever for someone. What should I do? Sorry for the long post, big hug to you all [ ]

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  • If someone has to choose between you and someone else, they aren't the one. You deserve better than to be even considered as second choice. You will know they are the one if they would never hesitate to feel the same. Keep looking, you'll find him soon. Best of luck to you. Xo

  • "He's not sure what he wants"... if there was a potential good relationship here, he'd fucking KNOW. "He's not sure" means he wants her, but will have no problem hanging and fucking with you. Which would be okay if you didn't actually hope for a relationship. This just sounds like he is using you.

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