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I struggle with tests and exams, I study but it doesn't help at all. I think I do really well but then I get my results and I've just barely passed. It's a shame that exams are everything and intelligence is measured solely on them. What am I supposed to do? I'm not even sure I'll do well enough to be accepted into university (college) at this point.

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  • Keep trying buddy... Don't worry. As long as you are passing and graduate high school, you can get into college. You don't need to be in Harvard to have a successful life. And if you do sports or music or anything like that, colleges look at that too, so keep your head up and don't worry :) just keep trying and remember not to cheat no matter how tempting, it's the easiest way to get an f!

  • So take a single semester of Podunk community college and then transfer to a real school. Nobody cares about your highschool grades when you're already a college student

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