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I don't get why people get freaked out when someone has to show them what they think when they don't listen to the words. Like when I say to someone I like to see pain and death and gruesome things they say stupid stuff like, "you just want attention." but when I see pain or death I just start laughing and smiling uncontrollably and they get all freaked out. Like one time I was thinking of seeing someone torn apart bleeding with organs hanging out and got all freaked out and was acting scared he said and I quote, "Dude what the fuck are you smiling like that for you look like a demon, dude you're freaking me the fuck out." or when people say they like to torture things and someone says, "Yeah right hah." then they show them an animal they caught and dissected and they freak out I don't get it.

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  • ugh... damn 12 yr olds

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