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I hate these to rotten girls at school. We used to be friends, but they quit hanging out with me ever since it became apparent that my weekends are usually fun and crazy without involving me going home with strange men or even being intoxicated, but they rely on being drunk and competing for men while getting as fucked up as possible. Now they bitch behind my back, alienate me and make snide, passive-aggressive comments at everything I say with plastic smiles all around. I think they're just jealous that I can be fun under my own weight, that I'm more intelligent than them and I can safely say that I am a damn-sight better looking than they are. I haven't wronged them in any way that I am aware of, yet they still hate me so I can only chalk it up to jealousy. God they sicken me.

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  • ‘I’m smarter and better looking than them!’ - I found out why they talk about you behind your back

  • You need such people FAR from your life.

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