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i mastrubate.it has been 6 years now.although i dont go excess i think i want to leave this habit.i think it has destroyed my life.i wanted to be someone now i get bad thoughts about women around me.i dont know what to do where to go.i leave it for some days again on one day i ll mastrubate like for 3 times straight on the same day.my anger increases after i do it.i had girl mates but now everyone thinks i am unpredictable becoz sometime i ll be happy some tym i ll be angry .i m failing in academics and my mom and dad dont know whats happenning to me and why i am taking life as such a burden.this habit has finished my soul and every now and then when i pray to god i think i am betraying his trust each tym when i promise i wont be doing that thing again.there seems no hope for me.

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  • i am not the one that says masturbation is good i m totally against it. I m like you only, once masturbation has ruined my life. But stay strong. Believe me you have to be strong. Try nofap or yourbrainonporn.com these sites can seriously help.

  • Uhm... Masturbating is healthy and normal. Stop thinking of it as the reason your life sucks. It is not. Find out the actual reasons. Are you not studying well? Are you having uncontrollable mood swings? Are you feeling bad because you have been told it is bad somehow?

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