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I'm in love with a girl who I don't know if she loves me, or has any feelings towards me. We chill and talk all the time, I talk to her pretty much all day everyday, We've kissed and went a little further but every time we talk about how we feel I'm completely open and I admit how I feel because last time I hid how I felt I lost her completely. She however always says that she doesn't know how she feels, but then one night she'll say something like 'I really fell for you tonight' but then goes back to 'I don't know how I feel'. I'm also not the only guy who she talks to in this way, I know she flirted and stuff with another guy (Yes I'm jealous, not afraid to admit it), but I feel like she's messing me around until she knows whether she has a shot with him. I honestly don't know what to do anymore, I love her I know I do but the pain I've been through for even just a chance is just beginning to be to much. Any advice?

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  • There is this thing called asking, you should try it. Ask what she wants. If she gives you anything but a fully committed yes, you will need to accept that what you have right now with her is all you're going to get.

  • well, my advice to is go for it or leave it, say to her if she wants to be with you or if she doesn't, and if she says yes good for you but if she says no and you think i'll suffer less away from her just do it.

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