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How do all the neckbeards on 9gag complain so heavily about feminism and vegans, when they all also complain about not being able to even talk to a girl? Are they idiots? Are they just expressing a irrational fears? Are they soothing an imaginary hurt? Secretly disgusted with their fat, massively meat eating, selves and being defensive against an imagined attack? Someone enlighten me. I am just a normal guy who is curious as to what the hell is wrong with them.

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  • yep a girl here I salute you my dear friend!!, and when a girl dare talk on these websites she is treated like a piece of meat, keep on being a man :), you made my day

  • Look man,9gag,is,well, the place that gathers more losers than any part of the internet. just stay away from it and let they whine,complain and cry alone. away from us sane people.

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