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I hate my real father, since the age of 8 (Now 17, 18 in October), when he left my mother who was currently dealing with my Grandmother who had a stroke 3 months prior and has been absolutely useless, unreliable and no help to my mother with money for things such a school travel, clothes or books. I wouldn't even give him anything, he's not worth my time. I love my step-father more and I would take a bullet for him because I know who would do the same for me, he's absolutely amazing and would do anything for me, my mother or my siblings. He's such a nice guy and so fun to be around (Still not comfortable to tell him anything personal though) and I really think of him as my father rather than my actual biological father. Does this make me a bad person, should I feel remorse for hating my father like this? I would really like your opinions because I feel like I should feel remorse but I really don't.

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  • so let me get this straight. There is this guy who helped raise you, together with your mom. Who would do everything for you. And somehow you feel weird about caring more for this guy than for the loser who dumped your mother when she was having the worst time of her life? Why on earth would you? If you are that uncomfortable about disliking your father, refer to the new guy as "dad". He deserves that title way more than the guy who fucked your mom 18 years ago. And that way you would have a dad you could be proud of.

  • Children love the people who are there for them and care for them. Its sad that you bio father is not your dad because it would be the "natural" thing to be, but it is great that your step father has become your dad, so that you dont lack a father figure. I guess when the time is right for you, you will be comfortable enough to tell him how you feel about all this and he will love it. Family is not always blood bound, family comes from the heart. Keep on rocking!

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