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I've slept with 43 different men, I have a list, there are 4 I don't remember their names. I have a wonderful boyfriend but he's not experimental in bed, I fantasize about being gang banged.

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  • believe me many women think so. I had a lot of gbs and ons with married women. so don't think you are weird. but think about: you could loose everything you love, for the one thing you dream about. is it worth it? up to you. there are websites where you can anonymous meet ppl to have sex - just do it min 150km away from home so nobody will ever know!

  • i have only had sex with my wife. she loves me and I love her. I'm proud to have only been with her. Anything we want sexually we have tried at least once. She is a little selfish as a lover but I kinda like that. No probs and no need to cheat.

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