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this is not a confession I have known my hole life that I was adopted and I don't have any issue's with that but a few weeks ago I found out that my birth mother is looking for me and wants to me meet me my birth mother is in prison for murder she axed my birth father to death I found out from my adoption files 8 don't feal right meeting her for some reason can any one out there let me know what they think about my situation and if I should meet her 0lus the prison has let me know that she is dying of terminal cancer

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  • Yes i think you should meet her if she is dying, just stay safe!

  • i guess it's worth it as long as you are safe from her. Just know if she says something messed up she doesn't know you, you were raised by people who love you. that is real family. I never met my dad so I can relate.

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