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I'm in a relationship with a boy, for almost six months. In the first three months my mom accepted my relation but then she said that I can't date him anymore but we continued after that. I really don't know what to do, should I continue the relationship behind my mom's back or end it? Any advices?

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  • if you are a good trouble free girl and you are doing good in school, your also have right to live your life, continue the relationahip behind your moms back, someday your mother is going to realize of that and that some things that one have to experiment in life, when you grow up and you dont live anymore in your house and you dont depend anymore of your mom, you are going to laugh at it.

  • at least you two can see each other at night but my parents are so strict that when is dark outside I have to be at home, they are way to old fashioned :/ and I'm sorry for you being robbed

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