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After years of law school and internships, I'm a 26-year old business lawyer with a brilliant career ahead of me, about to earn a 6-figure starting salary. What I really want, is to join the U.S. Marine Corps Infantry and be deployed at the frontlines of a warzone.

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  • All the branches of the US mitary have their own lawyers. Why not sign up? If you graduated college you're automatically an officer when you survive basic training

  • Think of your impact on the World. As a Marine, you will kill many innocents, be ordered to attack more than you would to be ordered to defend. As a Lawyer, you can pass judgment on those who get to live, "Live" (incarceration) or Death. On the battlefield, you don't get that luxury, anyone whom is deemed an enemy of you is death. I understand where you're coming from, but you have more value where you're at.

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