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I like my boyfriends best friend and he kissed me before he realized exactly what he had done. is it bad that I really want to kiss him more. and i feel as if the spark I have with my boyfriend that im "in love" with is just going away I mean I am so focused on my boyfriend when im with him but when im not woth him all I can do is think about his best friend, who has been my bestfriend for a long time. I dont know what to do. do I tell my boyfriend I might need a break or do I keep my feelings for our best friend hidden??? please help

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  • I can tell you from my experience, in the exact same fucking situation, but i was the cheated bf, she broke my heart and 2 months after that she came back to me to tell me she realised what a mistake she did, we're stil trying to work smth out since she has some feelings for that other guy too....my advice just choose, the bf and never talk to the other guy ever again so you won't feel tempted again, or choose the other guy and in case u'll ever realise u did a mistake don't ever come back to your bf to try and save something, you'll just fuck his heart more than u already did

  • You already cheated on him without a thought. Break up. You don't love him anymore. Don't waste his his time.

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