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My cat got hit by a car. She broke her hip in two places, and because the bones have shifted, she can't have surgery at the moment. She had to stay at the vet. She'll probably limp for all her life, or the leg even has to be removed. And I swear to every god there may or may not be, I swear on Nikola Tesla's grave, on everything in this world that means something to me, if I find the bastard that drove the car, I will drive his car into his living room through his wall and light the thing on fire.

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  • you didn't take car of you cat dumbass. Why would you let your cat playing on the road? I got into an accident couple months ago because I was trying to avoid hitting a cat

  • you left your cat unatented to walk on the street and now it's the drivers fault? if you want to blame someone,blame yourself.

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