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I really like this guy that goes to my school. He's funny, brilliant, and we're super close. I know it sounds perfect but there's one major problem... he has a girlfriend. they've been dating for a year and I don't see them breaking up any time soon. When we talk, it almost seems like he's into me but he's super shy so its like impossible to read him. The bottom line is that I want to be with him but I don't want to ruin what we already have by telling him. what would you guys do in this situation? is it wrong for me to be falling for this guy that has a girlfriend?

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  • The truth is although it may seem glamorous and make you feel great for a while being with this guy isn't going to be any good for you for at least some months. Even if he did break up with his girlfriend, would you want to be his rebound? If you really like him you should probably stop talking to him, I know bc I've been in the same situation how difficult it is to control your feelings and odds are he isn't going to leave this girl for you ( and if he did, way to start a healthy relationship). Its up to you but I think you are the worst off out of the three of you (you, guy, gf). Good luck keep us posted.

  • just wait until they break up, meanwhile, dont be an easy hungry bitch.

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