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I am a 21 year old guy, but I am already tired of life. I've been bullied when I was young, mostly because I was quiet and one of the smartest kid in the class. I don't have many friends and I've lost a few of them because they backstabbed me. I've had a crush last year, but she turned out to be a cheating w**re. I don't trust people at all. I was always the good guy. I've never hurt anyone. I always gave what I could and even more, but what did I get in return? Nothing, or even better: I've got sh*t on! Whenever I gave advice to someone, they just ignored it and did the opposite, then get f**ked over and started hating me, because I was right! I've never had a girlfriend. I don't think anyone could love me and I just don't know why! I don't think my life has a value. I have no faith in anything or anyone anymore. I've been thinking about suicide every day in the last couple of years. And I can feel my time running out. If things won't change in the near future, I don't think I will live long enough to get my diploma.

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  • I feel sad for you; please dont give up you are worth it !!!! Please your family loves you and I am sure you'll find a girfriend soon - you can still try things like dating websites if you are the shy kind of guy ! PLEASE DONT SUICIDE, i dont know you but I think that your life has a value. Please seek help, your life is precious and you only have one and our lifetime is so short dont shorten it even more :'(

  • the smartest kid in class but you can't even control your own life or deal with bullyes. man i'm sorry but you gotta let it go,you are not superior or smarter,you are a loser and you're well under the food chain,you either become a real man or keep on whining and blaming everything for your mistakes. pussy.

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