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I am afraid of driving. Years back I was in a car accident where truck smashed into our car from behind. I saw it coming like 1 sec before it happened because i saw truck very close to our car from a mirror. Our car flew into a ditch. Fortunately nobody was seriously injured. My moms neck was acheing and my sister had some minor bruises. I was ok. Also I had the adrenaline rush. In a matter of seconds when we were in a ditch i got out of the car and helped my sister out who was screaming (she listened to music while and was in shock). The druk driver didn`t hold distance and also it was very cold day with snow. I wanted to share this because I was physically ok but emotionally it left me broken. Now Im paranoide and feel that it will happen again I dont trust anyone driving. And when I see a druck coming I am afraid to death. I really haven`t shared it to many people but now I feel a bit better.

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  • look man/girl,i crashed my bike real bad a few months ago,the car got my leg at an intersection,i'm still recovering and i have a lizarov frame,which is scary as fuck. and i still can't wait to ride again. you know maybe if you're so scared of it is because you just gotta break trough,the more you avoid your fear,the more it creates a wall that gets hard to break trough. once you drive a few times you'll see it's actually pretty simple and will think ''damn what a dumb fear that i had''. peace

  • i had a real bad car accident about 12 years back.. broke my clavicle and was in crutches for awhile but my cuz encoraged me to take the wheel again ... it was bad for awhile but i didnt give up.. if you cant do it on your own get some help

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