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Can someone please tell me, where or on what ( i know it sounds weird and all ) can i learn french kissing ? I am a 19 year old virgin, and never kissed a girl. Now I am afraid to even go near the girls, because I am afraid that they will try to kiss me ( not that i have a big chance, being fat and all but still, just in case :) ) and say that I suck at kissing and leave. I know that I am a coward, I always was, so please don't say that I am weird or stuff like that.

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  • everything good life has to offer is denied to cowards. so if you are a self entitled coward,i say just kill yourself. either that or you can actually be a man.

  • well I haven't either. but I would think its instinctive. there is no need to 'LEARN' it

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