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Please help me. I am a 22 years old girl and I am the most pessimistic, anxious and hypochondriac person you'll ever find. This is seriously ruining my life and I don't know how to get over it. I have a loving and caring boyfriend, great friends and family, I am going to graduate this summer from university, my parents have no financial difficulties and I am smart and quite good looking... I am supposed to be happy and I feel bad not to, because of those who don't have my luck. But seriously I feel so empty, shitty and useless inside. Like, why are we living as our only purpose is death, we are insignificant like little ants and our existence means nothing - and I am so hypochondriac, I fear death so much. I have some strange chest pain since a few weeks and I am crying every night since then because I am afraid to have a heart disease, afraid to die, afraid to everything... I can't go to a doctor because I already go so often for almost nothing....I took so many medical exams for little things but everytime I feel like death is watching me or like death is inside me. I am so scared and terrified for every little thing that happens to me, my life is barely an human one. And for everything, I feel like the worst is going to happen, like I'm never gonna make it, I even are afraid that my boyfriend would die for no reason. Death scares me, life scares me too - we live for nothing and all I can see is people trying to be meaningful in a meaningless and cruel world. I am so sure I'll get cancer, heart disease or anything sooner or later yet my familly is doing fine and some are over 100 years old. Please help me my life is a nightmare, help me please I need it so badly.

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  • No human can truely help you, you need to have a relationship with Jesus(God). He can help you see there's more to live and he can give you peace and set you on a better path. Seek him and he'll show himself to you.

  • you are full of fears, you have to confront them, thats the only way to be a normal person.

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