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OK, so my boyfriends friend has a house and a garage. On on of the walls is covered with porn, that shows everything! it is gross because he has 4 little girls that just run in there and play. The mother is OK with this??? with the guy exposing there children to porn? they are little girls!!! what are they going to think?? oh that they need to be ok with women being nothing but sexual objects to men??? to being exposed! this sickens and angers me! I everything I see him that's what I think and want to yell at him. Its wrong, you would think if a guy has a daughters and wants to be a good dad he would take those down. Those women on the wall are daughters of fathers. I want to set his garage on fire. I am deeply sicken with how the mom is ok with this. It is like she is admitting that that is all women are good for and this is normal?? Its not! how should I handle this situation??

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  • Sicko

  • Maybe it is common to most people especially in a liberated country where sex is casual around 12, while when I was 12 I was still playing toys.

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