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i'm really lost, i feel nothing like emotion or compassion. I'm a blank page, i cannot get an emotional relation with someone/something. and whenever i try to feel that kind of love or/and compassion, i end up hurting people. I just want somebody that i can love. I get thoughts that no healthy person would get, like how to make the perfect crime, or how I would assassinate people. i would never do it ofcourse, i'm smart enough to erase those thoughts when the of killingy pop-up in my head. I'm very arrogant, ignorant and selfish. I have absolutely no idea why. can someone just, help me?

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  • You need to get help. You seem incredibly lonely, with all that stuff going on in your mind. Find a friend or a professional and try to share about your feelings. I wish you the best, OP.

  • you're a self described psychopath it seems.

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