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Do you think it's a must for a guy to attend the wedding of his ex-girlfriends parents? They invited him, and they asked him if it's okay that their daughter would be his partner during the wedding. Well, the girl has many guy friends in the first place. What's the point of it? Since the breakup they wanted them to stay together, and this girl is still chasing the guy, sending him long pointless messages as if she's waiting for a romantic response. It's a trap. However, the guy is 'nice and kind' to allow himself to be trapped.

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  • The guy is actually my close friend. He told me this, but I didn't comment anything. Well, his ex-girlfriend is still blaming me about their breakup for years now. I'm staying out of any matters about them.

  • I wouldnt go. Its looks like a plot from those parents to lure him in so he might stay this time. Its not their relationship to fix so they should stay out of it.

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