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hithere, i just wanted to say im not good enouhg for this world and will be commiting suicide in the near future. im just holding on for my parents, because they would be so sad if i were to doe before them, but when there gone thats it. im finished. i dont blame anyone, its me. im a failure at life, im so glad i was weeeded out of the gene pool and not polluting it with so many beautiful people. i wish eahc and every one of you happiness. but my time here will end hopefully soon and i will stop creating problems for others and living this life of torture

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  • don't do it :'(

  • I agree with you,the world is amazing and gigantic and if you still havent found something to live for,i just say kill yourself and let us alone of your mediocracy,and mind the mess,cuz someone is going to have to clean that,maybe hang yourself in the woods so you can provide food for wild animals.

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