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Ive been excellent at school all my life and everybodys expecting me to have a bright future. But the truth is I just have a very good memory and I can write essays convincingly. That doesnt mean Im smart.

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  • Writing good essays is hard. Don't sell yourself short. It is good to be humble but you clearly are where you are because you also put in the effort. Do not sell yourself short.

  • I have the same, I have a very good memory but I dont even care to use it either to help pass school, I mostly just write a lot of bull and fill in the middle with some quote and cite it, then wrap it up making it sound convincing and like I learned... when really I never once read one thing we were suppose to... I have a 4.0 gpa. sad, yes. true, yes. but using the system to my advantage, and they say college is hard... its all about grades, not learning.

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