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I'm afraid I'll be alone all my life. I'm 22 and never really had a serious relationship. I got all kinds of issues, daddy issues, commitment issues, intimacy issues... and probably a whole lot more that I havent figured out yet. I cant seem to get close to someone. Even the very few times where I have actually had feelings for someone and they like me too I make sure to mess it up one way or another. It's not that I want to, it's subconscious. But I can't help myself, I always panic when I get "too close" to someone, when it becomes "real". So instead I run away. I think it's because I somewhere deep inside know that I cant afford to get my heart broken again. I can barely function as it is now but if someone I loved once again left me and broke my heart into pieces I don't think I could go on. I'm just trying to survive I guess but this is no way to live.

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  • wow its scary how you and me are alike. if only you were a guy. only difference I think is I am not as desperate as you are ..not yet at least

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