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I have been talking to myself since I was 5 and it relaxes me no matter what. You should try instead of silent thinking

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  • when I do it, im talking to myself, but the other person I imagine is usually one of my friends, or my crush, my brother etc. I talk to people who I know in real life but who aren't physically here. I have never thought of it as crazy, but I can't talk out loud as if I was talking to a twin of myself.. lol. but I have been doing it since I was younger too and have never really grew out of it but I dont want to either. it has help me work out my own problems or issues, or if I have a problem with someone, if its not that big of a deal, I will keep my mouth shut cause I dont always want to complain over just small stuff so when im leaving i'll start talking to myself in the car or something so at least I can get it off my chest. I use to bottle everything up but I understand when your upset, angry, depressed, lost or etc it's better to just talk about it cause hearing it out loud and talking with someone helps you figure it out cause you start to see how they are hearing it and you'll realise your issue isn't so bad and a weight has been lifted off your chest, but when you dont have anyone to talk to or you dont want to constantly bug your friends over every little problem, I think its really good to talk to yourself. call me crazy as much as you want but it has helped me so much and even made me a better person cause everything I had bottle up is gone and im more relaxed and able to handle things better. took away anger problems, I dont get mad so easily, I dont get upset on the spot, I stop running away when things get tough, I can stand up and face them, its very therapeutic. thanks for the confession and knowing its more normal then what people realise.

  • I do it all the time!! and now that im single im free to do it all the time in my home. it helps me work out problems, helps calm me down when im mad, relive a good day/time. I have always talked to myself but I try to hide it from everyone but I have almost been caught but played it off, but yeah i'll walk around my house or sit on the couch or in bed and just chat with myself. I dont know what single people really do in their home alone, do you just sit in silence? boring, im always talking to myself! even in the car, but i'll try to hold the phone so it doesn't look stupid but night time in the car and i'm talking my head off

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