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If i i am pregnant with a genetically sick ( e.g. down sindrome ect.) baby, i will not give bith to she/he. I don't want to raise someone like that.

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  • Well motherhood is going to be a bitch because not everything goes towards your way

  • Well, I understand your point. It is very hard to raise a disabled child. But I know a little girl with down syndrome, and she is the happiest person I've ever met, although she had a really unfortunate childhood so far. She got leukemia and her dad died in an accident. But she is so happy that I can't believe it sometimes. She is extremely kind and goes up to everyone to give them a hug, and although she isn't a female Einstein, she is pretty smart for a girl with her condition and her age. In some religion it is seen as a reward to be (re)born with down syndrome, as they are much, much happier than the average healthy person. My mother was told that I would have down syndrome, and her doctors told her to abort me. And here I am, completely healthy. Tests can be wrong sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I understand your point, and I'm not sure what I would do if I found out I'm pregnant with a disabled child. I just wanted to tell you this, so you could see that sometimes, not everything goes as it's predicted. For that little girl, her down syndrome is a blessing. I think if she would have been born completely normal, she would have lost hope due to her illness and her fathers death. But this immense joy she's feeling every day never vanished completely. She grieved for her father, but she was still happy. I've never met another person who loves being alive as much as this little girl. She's my personal hero.

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