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A lot of girls hit on me and asked me out, and I accidentally friend zone them because I don't know how to talk to them My dad was good with girls, my brother is good with girls and yet, I don't even know how to talk to them, just WHY???!!! I mean we share blood, don't we?

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  • Okay. Tactic that works on girls every time. I know it because I am a girl. Go to one of the girls you friendzoned that you might like and be brutally honest. Tell her you didn't mean to friendzone her. Tell her you're just really shy and inexperienced and you have no clue how to talk to girls. Tell her she made you nervous because she's so pretty and you really like her (that part can also be made up :D). That should already work. Nearly all of us think the shy guys are absolutely adorable. And if you work up the courage to tell something like that to a girl, she'll feel extremely flattered. Believe me. It works. And about the anxiety attacks: Have you gotten help? I know a friend who used to get anxiety attacks to, and he told me his therapy really helped him (breathing exercises so he doesn't feel this suffocating feeling any more, stress and fear management and stuff like that. If I go into detail, I could as well write a novel on here. I just know that anxiety attacks are super scary and I hope you get better.) Good luck!

  • I am myself, and by the way... I have anxiety attacks

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