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I used to be very helpful on the comments of this app,giving advices etc. but i'm seeing a patten,self pity,lazyness and people just being plain cowards. it gets to me. sorry if i'm an asshole,but there is no way that words can help such behaviour,you are the only one who can do something about,so when i insult you or act rude,i'm just trying to simulate what life will do to you if you keep at this coward attitude,no one will pat you in the head and make everything okay. this is my answer to all OP's which who i was rude too. good luck

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  • I actually agree. Some people do need help and advice, others are just whining for nothing. Of course, no need to be rude, I can't defende that, but I know that point where you just give up because of some people's attitude.

  • do a favor to the world and uninstall this app from your phone, nobody needs your opinion.

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