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I dont have a single idea what friendzone, to friend zone somebody is (English is not my native language)

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  • Okay. Here comes a little story about the friendzone. There once was a girl (me) who had a really good male friend. They did a lot of stuff together, went to the same festivals and spend lots of time with each other. The friend then wanted to kiss the girl, and she said: "Uhmm. That's awkward. I kind of don't want to kiss you, you're more like a brother to me ...", whereas the guy thought they were dating all along. Long story short: If a person wants to have a romantic relationship with somebody, but this "somebody" only sees them as a friend with the sexappeal of a broken brick, the first person is in the friendzone. (And before I get haters on this: I didn't even lead him on. When we befriended each other, he had a girlfriend. I thought it was clear that I don't want to have a romantic relationship with him. Especially because I'm lesbian and he knows that. So ... it was awkward. :/)

  • Instead of answering you directly i will tell you to go to urban dictionary,since english is not your first language,there you can learn a lot of casual sayings and slang etc. it's one of those places you can ACTUALLY learn english,instead of learning it at some course or school. Peace

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