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it's been so nice outside the past 2 days and i cant go do anything because my bf just wants to sit in the house and play videogames all day, he always wonders why im not happy well its cuz you suck at making me happy.. its its like you dont even try anymore. get off your ass and enjoy the damn day!

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  • if he prefers to play video games instead of going out with you, is because you are boring bitter bitch. Go find the happiness you need by yourself, he is not being paid to makes you happy, your happiness Shouldnt depends on someone, only on yourself, do something creative with your brain while he is playing video games, or just leave and go home to your parents house.

  • Well, I know that situation too, and I just wanted to say: It's not his job to make you happy. Everyone has to be happy on their own. You should go alone if you really want to, but first of all talk to him about it. I mean, it's not like you're chained to the guy. If he's not interested in doing stuff with you any more, leave his sorry ass to his video games.

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