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I'm giving a go at this ''nofap'' thing,not that i care,but i'm curious to see if something different happens,i mean i broke my leg and am super bored,might as well give it a try,out of boredom. i always conduct small experiments on myself and try to keep notes of the different results.

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  • How is this an 'experiment'? What do you expect to happen?

  • Dude ... as a girl that is in a similar situation, I can only tell you: When you're at home and bored and you have nothing else to do, the last thing, literally the last thing you should do is a no fap experiment. (Leaving out suicide and stuff that seriously harms you, of course.) I mean, you're bored. Do stuff like that when you have nearly no time on your hands. Yes, you can read and watch TV and play video games all day. But that becomes boring pretty quickly. Keep it for some time later. Or get some pretty interesting stuff to do, because I was desperate enough to start a pokémon game over and got all my pokémon (well, the six on my team, at least, not the ones in storage) up to Level 40 in one session. If that doesn't say a lot about this no fap stuff while being sick, I don't know what else does.

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