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I started crushing on this 16 year old I met online. We're both into each other but we live far apart. I'm scared people will judge me if I'm in a long distance relationship.

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  • started crushing on my friend I met on omegle actually. we've talked through Skype and Facebook and such for five years now and were thinking of getting together. but the thing we both agreed on is meeting in person before anything happens to make sure we really could be together. I mean hell. he lives in Canada where as I'm in the southern us. just don't let people say get to you. if you really want it then go for it! (:

  • Im in a long distance relationship with 5 years and I couldnt be more happier. My only advice to you is screw people who judge you because you have gf/bf. And I think long distance is more strong than others. and your love and passion is much strong for sure. go for it buddy

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