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im so in love with my boyfriend we have been dating for several years now and have a son together with 2nd one on the way i love everything about him his smile his laugh the way he talks his smell his beautiful face but all i seem to do is bitch and moan at him and he just gets on my nerves for no reason i know its the hormones but im scared he is taking it personal and doesnt want to be around me when its the complete opposite of what i want....ugh

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  • you should tell him EXACTLY what you wrote in this message. As a guy, I'd completely forgive you and understand. Good for you that you still love him that much after having kids, the roughest part is past you girl. Keep it up.

  • I know it can be hard, but you really need to control yourself around your kid. Rather than just say whatever comes into your head, stop, take a breath, and try being nice.

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