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This girl's underwear was showing today at the mall and everyone was looking and no one told her !!!! Wtf there was even people taking pictures like what's wrong with you sick people. I instantly told her and the poor thing was on the verge of tears.

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  • Oh poor girl, i would probably start crying if i were her.

  • There's a simple rule about commenting on someone's appearance - if they can fix it in a minute or so, tell them, otherwise don't. When you say her underwear was showing, do you mean like her shirt had slipped or something or that her clothes were see-through? bc if it's the latter, that's not a thing she can immediately fix so all you did was interrupt a girl having a perfectly fine day to make her feel massively self conscious until she was able to get home and change and then probably be massively embarrassed about the whole thing for a while to come.

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