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I want revenge on my fiance. I still love him and he has changed, but he has hurt me. ALOT

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  • my ex fiancee(as of this morning) hurt me too. but getting revenge isn't the way to go about it doll. just remember the best thing you can do is find someone or find something in yourself to make you happy. your happiness will be your revenge. and its definitely something you will have to work for. but its worth it. now. if you won't listen to that. listen to the conniving bitch inside my head. whatever you do. just make sure its something you won't regret. little things are the things that pisses people off the most. burn their favorite shirt or just take it and have a bunch of diff girls/boys take pictures wearing. probably better if its people you slept with since him/her and send them anonymously :p if your fiancee was a girl and liked heels. take and knock the heels just enough so that every pair is wobbly. (as a shoe freak myself I'd probably hate someone forever lol) maybe if its a guy paint their vehicle hot pink with baby blue elephants all over it. the practical jokes are the best. things you can laugh at in the future but not regret it. it'll piss them off and you'll feel much better. just make sure they don't know its you. that's the best part. :p it'll fuck with their head

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