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I had a really soothing conversation with my ex who I've recently become friends with again. We talked at 2am for an hour about nothing. I feel bad for letting myself fall back to something familiar to comfort me after a bad day.

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  • that's actually a good thing to do and I bet they dont mind either. I love just staying up texting someone all night no matter what we talk about. it does help after a hard day, you dont have to talk about what was wrong that day but just talking about stupid stuff or whatever helps big time. me and my ex has done that a lot and it turns a bad day into a better day. :) try hanging out with them too, it will really help relax and destress you too. ex's can still be friends and its better because they still know you and you know them so you dont have to worry about offending them or scared they wont get a joke or something... its breeze and comfortable. Don't feel bad about it, what's to feel bad about anyways? Your friends right? thats what friends do. forget about being ex's and shit, just have fun. you really shouldn't feel bad for letting yourself fall back to someone familiar, unless thats all you are using them for cause ex's or not don't use your friends just to make yourself feel better and ONLY to make yourself feel better because they need you too on a bad day. Text them every once in a while and see how they're doing, hangout and go get lunch or go to a museum and just have fun. Sounds like you have a really good friend on your hands. just wondering... are you a boy or girl?

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