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I just want to tell a little story for anyone who is in that place in their life where they are/have fallen in love with their best friend. If you are truly worried about what will happen if you do date but break-up? What is going to happen to your friendship? Yes it is a possibility that things will become awkward and such if you break up, but if your friendship is strong enough it will last and will always be there. A good relationship is built on a strong friendship, but even if something happens and you break up, just stay strong and know that you are still friends. It may take a while or even years to get back to feeling comfortable around each other and get things back to normal but it will be okay. Don't just turn your back on your friend. Be an adult and be mature about the situation, yes give each other space for a while, but don't ever turn your back on your friend. You hold true to your other friends, (you can have little fights, not talk for a while but you'll eventually make up and still be friends and such) so don't change how you treat a friend that you have feelings for. You cannot help who your heart falls in love with even if that is your best friend, but don't hate them or cut off the friendship is they don't feel the same way or you date and break up. *Personal story, I am in love with my best friend and we did date and we did break up. We both liked each other but we built the friendship up before we dated and trust me I was scared shitless to date because I could not take losing him if we broke up. It almost held me back from asking him out, but i did not want to live with the what ifs and regretting it. We both knew the risk of dating but we we're willing to take that risk cause somewhere inside we knew what ever happens we were strong enough and we'll make it through. Not going to mention why we broke up but we did and it hurt us badly and I knew we could not go back to where we were, but I was wrong. We gave it time and space but I never forgot about him because I will never turn my back on my friends. I think we both just silently watched over each other as time passed and kept each other protected from a distance but we never let go. I lost myself for a while but woke up to reality and we are still good and back to where we use to be.* So if your still reading this and still worried about taking that leap of fate and telling your friend you want more, don't be scared of the what ifs. If the friendship is strong enough it will last through anything but you have to be mature and respectable to each other. There's no friendzone, you will fall in love with people who do not feel the same way back and you'll have people who will fall in love with you that you don't love. You kinda need to just deal with it and know everything will be okay. If you let the fears of having them leave out of your life for good, then your fears are going to win and thats exactly what will happen. Have confidence that your friendship will always be there through anything. If not then they weren't your friend. I hate when you lose friends because they want more but you just dont feel that way and they end up hating you. If you do value the friendship and you do honestly love them, then you'll always be there through thick and thin. Don't let your feelings, your worries, your fears ruin a good friendship. Keep positive cause most of the times you'll eventually end up together. Just because it doesnt happen now, it could happen later. People tell me I should move on and forget but love is not something you can just move on and forget about. I don't want to try to date someone when my heart will never truly be in it 100% It may be unhealthy but I am tired of people telling me to move on. If my heart wanted to it would have already, but my hope for us is still strong and my love is still ever lasting. Thank you for reading and hope I have at least helped one perosn out there.

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  • bunch of bullshit don't date your best friend. its fucking weird and lame

  • such a great text and I really benefit from it and I think u helped hundred of people wish u the best

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