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I think it would be nice to have a girlfriend again.

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  • Female here, and I get it, girls tend to take guys money, yes its funny and true. The key point to that was "girls" do that. I even have friends who only date guys as a free meal. Not trying to sound all feminist and such but that is just kid games. I do like to get gifts and be treated but when i'm in a relationship I also want to give back, I like for the relationship to be equal. (like one date night he takes me somewhere and pays but next date night I take him somewhere and pay.) I don't mean to have it completely equal as-in if he spends $50 dollars on me then I have to spend $50. but I don't want a guy to blow all his money on me, I can support myself just fine. But its also, if a guy wants to spend money and go broke over a girl then thats kindof his fault (and its still the girls fault to because she should tell him to slow down a bit and not go broke over her, so I'm seeing it from both sides, no one is right but no one is wrong so dont jump all over me that im just on one side.) but money should not be an issue when you're dating, hell I even know girls who go broke treating their man. Sorry this comment was ment more for the previous comments, so sorry to the original post. But my comment for this post, it is nice to have a girlfriend.

  • get your wallet ready to see it empty every Monday.

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