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Life is way too unfair. But, I guess there's only one thing we can change -our reaction to it. On one hand we can be depressed and mull over all of the bad things. This will only hold us back and make us more sad. But, on the other we can look on the bright side. Sure, things suck, but it's much better to appreciate what you have. And have fun with what you've got. Some days I'm only thankful to be alive. And on other days, I'm not even sure I'm thankful for that. If the point of life is that there isn't one, then why don't I just have fun? How do you all feel?

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  • My word you couldn't have said it any better. I completely agree with you any more especially of the realisation of the no greater purpose in life to to just live is liberating. I barely got this app and I love it because people like you post things like thus.

  • I love your mind. We've reached the exact same conclusion. To me, the realisation that our being has no meaning, no greater purpose, was the ultimate liberation. I may not be grateful for my existence, and think humanity as a whole is worthless; but in that I find consolation, and a will to live.

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