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I am a 26 year old virgin. I have always thought i was asexual. I didn't think I needed anyone. I developed feelings for someone unexpected. I ended up being rejected more or less. Never have I ever wanted someone so badly. Part of me feels we were wrong for each other but another part of me says we could of been happy. This just makes me feel so broken. I finally opened up to someone and it just blew up in my face. I felt like you were more than interested. Neither of us were perfect. But there was just something THERE. Something I never felt before. I hope I can forget and move on. Its been 13 months and I cant forget you. I want to find someone who made me feel the same way you did but wont step on my heart like you did. Crossing my fingers.

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  • I guess you are a late bloomer. I can relate to wanting somebody that much, though. I hope you find someone who can make you feel like that again, OP.

  • maybe you're not asexual but aromantic

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