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I found out that I can't have children, scientifically my only purpose on earth is now gone.... I'll never see the face of a child that looks like me, I'll never be a proud parent of someone I pain stakingly brought into this world. What do I do now, I feel like nothing?

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  • There are so many children in orphanages or the like whose parents are dead or addicts or don't want their children for whatever reasons... Adopting and caring for one of them; giving them the love they deserve is a much bigger purpose to live for; a much better life goal to strive for!! Being able to give birth is not the privilege; raising a child right and giving them all the love you can possibly think of is. Why put another child into this world, when there are already so many of them in desperate need for someone to "be a proud parent" of them. Adopt and change a little child's live! :)

  • get a pupoy, it is cheaper, less stressful and equally satisfactory.

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