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I'm the person who's cat got hit by a car a few days ago. Well, it seems there's no need to drive through a wall and set the car on fire. I mentioned in the comments that he sped through a street designated as a playing area for children with a speed limit of 5 km/h with 60 km/h and hit my cat in front of a few playing kids. The parents went to the police and reported him, as they memorized his license plate, and - guess what! He was a thief wanted by the police, who was in the village to rob a house and was currently fleeing the crime scene. The car was stolen too. Have fun in jail, I guess. :D Thank you, Karma.

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  • Thank you, guys :D She's actually doing pretty well. Her internal injuries are healing really good, she started to eat again and today she even made the effort to crawl onto my lap to be cuddled when I fell asleep on the sofa next to her. She will limp for the rest of her life, but at least she seems to be emotionally recovering after spending days in a stupor. Feels a little as if I had a baby, she only eats if I feed her in person with a spoon :D It's a lot of effort, but I think she'll be fine, she's even regaining feeling in the leg so there's no permanent nerve damage.

  • Excellent news! Open a bottle of wine!

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