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My boyfriend moved to my country to be with me, I'm his girlfriend but lately I have ended up being his mother. I have to tell him what to do, I fix all his papers, makes his calls, apointments and I clean after him. Sometimes he says: ''Yes mom'' as a joke, but it's not a joke anymore. Because he doesn't do the things I need him to do, he kind of forced me to become his mother. I had to grow up and take responsibility for him. And let me tell you something, once you grow up, you can't grow down again. I worry about things I shouldn't need to worry about, and I have to be older than I really am . F*ck, I didn't sign up for this.

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  • Sit him down and tell him he needs to grow up if he wants the relationship to work. And dump him if he doesn't man up.

  • Do you want a Snickers? learn something, men arent as neurotic and schizophrenic as some women are. That relationship has ots days counted because of your need of having under control everything around you.... ugh!

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