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my boyfriend never surprises me anymore he never really does anything to put a smile on my face. he doesn't even like to spend time with me he loves his video games to much. i play them to but not as much as him. he cant even watch a movie with me without falling asleep. we don't do anything together unless its going to the store. it really hurts to see some stupid video game replace me. he cant even do certain stuff for himself his parents have to do it. he says he's a man but he is really just a grown boy with his games. i don't even remember how i fell in love anymore.. maybe ill leave when the lease is up if things don't change. yes i have told him how feel many times!!

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  • dump him, it is more than clear that you dont love him anymore, you are sunk in the routine.. btw.. video games are for men as makeup for girls.

  • telling him how you feel is the first step then repeat it if he doesn't fix it after multiple talks then its up to you to make the call

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