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I am biting my tongue once again and it's bugging me to watch it go down. I have a friend who always dates guys with nothing in their life, no money, no job, no car, no career ideas just nothing. They are always older men, yet can't even support themselves so she takes care of them. I hate watching it happen because I have tried to say something and be a friend but i'm just tired that she doesn't get it. I'm not saying the men are loser, everyone hits a hard patch in their life, and I wish every be guy was different and would at least show the effort to try to better themselves, but I also know it's her fault because she gives them so much that she makes it too comfortable for them to better themselves. But she works her ass off and gives up buying herself anything she needs or wants, and even puts her boyfriend before giving her kids what they need as well. It's wrong I know but I also ponder about how are the men just allowing themselves to be treated that way? To have your (younger) girlfriend buying everything for you, not treating herself with her own money but instead giving you everything you want and ask for? How do you consider yourself a man? no offensive but I dont like a guy taking care of me because I can take care of myself and if im in that bad of a situation where someone has to take care of me before themselves I would feel so bad and guilty I would do what ever it takes to find some way to make money and not have someone taking care of me. I'm sorry but that is not how a relationship works and that is not love? I really want to give the guys the chance, cause as a friend to her they should show that they care about her and love her and is greatful for her to take them in and show her and me that they are trying to better themselves... not just talk about changing but actually making the effort. (cause when your dating someone you should still show their friends that their friend is in good hands, its just nice and respectable, I know your not dating their friends but its never good for your bf/gf friends to hate you) but I really do hope to see some change but it gets proven time and time that they stay lazy bums and never change. she just keeps busting her butt at work so she can support everyone while her bf just don't do anything to even try to help out. I don't care that he's showing how much he cares and loves her back by giving her sex, but that's not love. I wish she would wake and and stop treating every man like a lost cause and thinks by taking them in and buying everything for them is helping them. They never change and she never changes and I just want to wake her up to this new guy she's dating. I already see it turning out the same way and im biting my tongue but I feel like as a friend I should say something but if I do and he turns out to be different i'll feel like a total ass, but if she gets hurt once again I feel like I wasn't a true friend. Any advice? Would love to hear it.

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  • sorry ur post was waaaaaay to long for me to continue reading :)

  • isnt dating about love and not about having a career?

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